Kawartha Wildlife Centre

Registered Name: Kawartha Wildlife Centre

Business Number: 703755694RR0001

Kawartha Wildlife Centre will fill the gap of a much-needed wildlife centre, serving all Ontario species here in the Kawarthas. The centre will run on volunteers and will rehabilitate sick, orphaned and injured animals in need of care. Currently, the closest wildlife centre servicing all species in Ontario is 75 kilometres away, meaning if a person finds an animal in need of care here in the Kawarthas, they have the difficult task of driving all the way to Minden, Pefferlaw or Napanee. Not all people are willing or able to make this trek, meaning that our native species, and in turn our eco-system, may suffer.

The goal is to open the doors of Kawartha Wildlife Centre by spring 2019 with a fully functioning wildlife hospital where we can treat and rehabilitate animals with the purpose of returning them to their wild habitat once they are fully healed &/or mature.  At present, we act in a small capacity where we serve as a triage centre for sick, orphaned and injured wildlife before sending them to other Ontario wildlife centres for longer term care.

We need your help to make our goals a reality.  Please consider donating, promoting and/or raising awareness for our cause, to help the wildlife in our beautiful Kawarthas remain strong.

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