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Ensuring today's children acquire the skills gained from reading is more important than ever in this age of digital distraction. It's particularly critical during the middle school years when reading for pleasure typically drops off. Research shows that young students who have sound reading skills have better results in school and beyond.

Kids' Lit Quiz Canada runs an exciting program which inspires youth to become lifelong readers by channeling knowledge of children's books into a fun and rewarding tournament! 

There are book prizes and awards at every level. The quiz is meant to showcase readers and reading in a school community.

School Kids' Lit book clubs train by reading voraciously, becoming experts in genres, working on collaboration and communication skills with their peers to create the strongest team possible.

Teams of students compete locally and advance through regional and national championships to a 'World Cup' of Reading where top teams from around the world meet to vie for the World Title!

As teams advance through Regional and National championships the questions become more complex and require a team effort of critical thinking.

Known also as “The Sport of Reading”, Kids’ Lit QuizTM Canada challenges teams of students to answer 100 questions spread over 10 categories based on any children’s book written in English. There is no reading list, and the quiz covers everything from fairy tales and world folklore to graphic novels, Canadian authors, and recent bestsellers. School book clubs train by reading voraciously, becoming experts in genres, working on collaboration and communication skills with their peers -- all to create the strongest team possible.

The quiz is designed to be huge fun with an element of competition, personal challenge and reward that is seldom available to children whose passion is reading. Kids' Lit Quiz helps consolidate reading skills in 10 to 13 year olds. It helps foster student and team excellence as well as school spirit.

In over 1000 schools worldwide and for 25 years Kids' Lit Quiz has been successful in keeping students engaged in literacy. The Canadian tournament, in its sixth year, features many questions about Canadian authors and their works but students are exposed to the depth and breadth of children's literature around the world as they train for the tournament.

KLQ Canada 

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What People Are Saying

"“This year's kids lit quiz was absolutely incredible. meeting Mr. Mills is always an experience in it's own. The experience is exhilarating and the fast pace keeps you on an adrenaline high. I love it and can't wait to compete next year!”"

— Spencer, Bowmore Public School

""It's a great way to encourage kids who may not want to compete in sports all the time to compete in something that they might like a lot more.""

— Claire, Bowmore Public School

"KLQ engages readers and reluctant readers to be excited about books. Students start to recognize they know more than they realize when it comes to "book knowledge". Reading and talking about books come together in a way that makes it cool to be the reader and the friend of the reader"

— Teacher Coach, F. Faraj

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