Kids Up Front Foundation (CALGARY)


Business Number: 863522124RR0001

More Than A Ticket!

Vision - A world in which all kids have access to enriching experiences.

Mission – Kids Up Front distributes tickets to arts, culture and sporting events to deserving kids and their families.

Values – Collaboration, Integrity, Inclusion, Fun, Agility 

Kids Up Front provides experiences to deserving kids, teens and families. These experiences nurture their spirits, feed their imagination and inspire their dreams!

Our programs make it possible for deserving children to cheer on their NHL heroes at their very first hockey game, experience the magic of the curtain rising at a live theatre performance, or enjoy a field trip to a national historic site, which for many, is their very first trip outside of their neighbourhood. 

About Kids Up Front

In the year 2000, Kids Up Front Foundation saw a need in our city, to remove barriers to access to arts, culture, sports and educational events, by distributing donated tickets, for FREE, to children and families who need a lift, a positive experience and simply to let kids be kids.

We are excited to share that in that time, Kids Up Front Calgary has distributed over 500,000 tickets to deserving kids and families worth over $18 million! These aren’t just tickets; these are opportunities to give children the positive exposure needed to help them cope with the challenges they face every day.

These experiences lift their spirits through entertainment and positive experiences, fostering happiness during dark times - experiences such as these have a lasting effect both sustained and enduring.

These events bring families together through fun and engagement, providing hope for the future, or, at very least, a momentary relief from worry and everyday stresses.

While our community partners focus on providing food, shelter and support, Kids Up Front provides an often overlooked, but basic need: nourishment of the spirit!

Kids Up Front works on behalf of over 300 registered partner agencies to facilitate experiences. The agencies agree to strictly abide by our policies in selecting children or youth who would benefit most from your donations of tickets or passes.

What People Are Saying

"Our clients are facing challenges like being separated from their kids, homelessness, and abuse. The opportunity to attend an event brings them together in a positive way. This has a benefit that is long-lasting. Kids Up Front is giving them the chance to build positive memories. "

— Partner Agency

"Kids Up Front affords our students opportunities that they would not otherwise have due to financial hardship & distress. Tickets lift spirits & foster happiness. These experiences have a lasting effect. It brings families together and gives them a momentary relief from worry and everyday stress."

— Partner Agency

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