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About This Charity


The Kinark Foundation advances the social and emotional well-being of children and youth by raising funds and creating awareness in support of Kinark Child and Family Services.

About Our Charity

1 out of every 5 children and youth has a mental health problem. Two-thirds of these children aren’t receiving the help they need. Without treatment, these children may experience school failure, family conflict, substance abuse, violence, and even suicide. Effective prevention and treatment programs exist; however, more resources are required to ensure all children with mental health problems and their families receive the help they need.

The Kinark Foundation supports prevention, education, respite and treatment programs. We fund a range of initiatives including research, pilot projects, services for children, youth and families, collaborative community-based projects, and equipment/capital needs. The Foundation is also committed to addressing the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness.

With your support, we improve the future for vulnerable children and youth and their families.