Kitty Cat Prevent A Litter Society

Registered Name: Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society

Business Number: 814017158RR0001

Our Mission

The purposes of the society are:

a)To spay and neuter homeless and feral cats;

b)To socialize and adopt-out young kittens and once-domestic adult cats;

c)To set up feeding programs to prevent starvation.

About Kitty Cat Prevent A Litter Society

Kitty Cat Prevent A Litter Society was founded in 2007 and is a Registered Charity.  Our trap, neuter, and return (TNR) program controls the population of homeless and abandoned cats throughout the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) on Vancouver Island, BC. Our all-volunteer charitable society seek funding to continue the region-wide delivery of our TNR program and assistance to about 600 cats/year. In the past 10 years we have TNR approximately 5000 adult cats; rescued hundreds of kittens born outdoors; controlled disease spread to domestic animals; provided basic and, as needed, extensive medical care to cats under our care; socialized hundreds of cats in over 90 foster homes and adopted them to forever homes through our partner pet stores. When cats can’t return to their original location, we place them on local farms or rural properties through our Barn Cat program. There is no other group in the CVRD that runs a TNR program. We have over 100 active volunteers. 

Kitty Cat Prevent a Litter Society has outgrown our current 12’x 20’ shelter space. We have a fundraising goal of $30,000 to:

  • Double our square footage to increase the number of cages for cats. At the peak of our season (April-October), our shelter is frequently too full to accept all of the cats we trap or are surrendered to us.
  • Create a completely isolated area for sick cats to improve our ability to control disease spread.
  • Create a separate, quiet area just for the feral cats. They are not used to human interaction and get very stressed when in our noisy, busy, crowded shelter. We have a very small room we use for feral cats right now (space for a maximum of 4 cats), but need more space to handle the 100 + feral cats we trap, neuter/spay and return each year. Segregation of feral cats is critical to minimize social cats and kitten’s exposure to disease and to allow for the safe handling and transfer of these wild and scared cats. This is a critical safety issue for our volunteers.
  • Put in a toilet for the comfort of our volunteers.
  • Install a washer/dryer for the mountain of laundry we do weekly.
  • Create an office area for our administration team. Currently they work off of less than 2’ square area-part of a desk. Our files are stored off site in several people’s houses because we do not have enough room. We need to consolidate our administration, with all files on site for easy access, more room for filing cabinets, computers and another desk.
  • Increase our storage space for food, litter, equipment and donations. We have such limited storage space currently that our supplies are stored in a variety of people’s houses. This makes it very hard to keep track of our equipment and when we run low on food and litter (we go through tonnes of each a year), we need to go off site to get more. We can’t take advantage of the offers from cat food and litter manufacturers to provide us with supplies because we have no where to store bulk goods. Our costs are higher than needed because we have to buy supplies a few bags at a time because of limited storage space.
  • We need a quiet room where our cuddle buddies can sit comfortably and play/work with cats and kittens that are being socialized for adoption.

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