Kitty Cat Prevent A Litter Society

Registered Name: Kitty Cat P.A.L. Society

Business Number: 814017158RR0001

Our Mission

The purposes of the society are:

a)To spay and neuter homeless and feral cats;

b)To socialize and adopt-out young kittens and once-domestic adult cats;

c)To set up feeding programs to prevent starvation.

About Kitty Cat Prevent A Litter Society

Kitty Cat Prevent A Litter Society was founded in 2007 and is a Registered Charity.  Our trap, neuter, and return (TNR) program controls the population of homeless and abandoned cats throughout the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) on Vancouver Island, BC.

Our charitable society seeks funding to continue the region-wide delivery of our TNR program and assistance to about 600 cats/year. In the past 10 years we have TNR approximately 5000 adult cats; rescued hundreds of kittens born outdoors; controlled disease spread to domestic animals; provided basic and, as needed, extensive medical care to cats under our care; socialized hundreds of cats in over 90 foster homes and adopted them to forever homes through our partner pet stores. When cats can’t return to their original location, we place them on local farms or rural properties through our Barn Cat program. There is no other group in the CVRD that runs a TNR program. We have over 100 active volunteers.

Recently due to the local rental housing crisis, Kitty Cat PALS has been helping out with surrenders. Many rental units are not pet friendly, sadly this has generated a large number of surrenders. It is a very heartbreaking situation for all. Although, most surrenders do come with a donation having a healthy, fixed cat in foster can cost a minimum of $80 per month. 

During spring and summer seasons KCP has a huge influx of kittens, mainly bottle feed kittens. In a matter of 4 days KCP had 22 kittens come into our care, with only one litter that had a mother and they continue to arrive. Another sign that we need to continue with our mission. It takes allot of care, time, love and funds to help every kitten that comes into KCPs care. Bottle feeding every 2-4 hours for approx 5 weeks. It is a long journey for the little fur babies and it is always filled with love and care. 

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