Knights Table

Registered Name: BRAMPTON 9235 OUTREACH CORP

Business Number: 132503731RR0001

Our Mission

To serve and empower vulnerable members of our community by providing food and access to resources in a safe environment through volunteerism and strategic partnership.

About Knights Table

The Knights Table is a multi service community provider located in Brampton,ON. We are the only soup kitchen in the region of Peel. We provide information & referral services, nutritional meals and foodbank services to meet the needs of the homeless, the working poor, marginalized individuals and families in Peel.

Know the Facts:

Did you know that 1 in 5 children in Peel lives in poverty.

40% of food bank users in Canada are children.

Main causes of homelessness are family breakdown and lack of affordable housing.

Top four contributing factors:


Family breakdown

No affordable housing

Mental and physical health

Knights Table

Working Together to Alleviate Hunger in Peel!

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