Knox College

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Faith Matters.

Knox College is a creative and challenging place to prepare for Christian ministry and to study theology for today’s changing world.

For 170 years, we have been a progressive leader in Reformed theological education in Canada. Located at the heart of the University of Toronto, we are a founding partner in the Toronto School of Theology, one of North America’s largest ecumenical consortia.

Our Faculty work with students to pursue academic excellence, think theologically, interpret scripture, and be creative and faithful leaders for their congregations and communities at home and abroad.

Through our residence, Knox offers hospitality to its theological students and those who are part of the diversity of the University of Toronto.

Having the financial support of alumni/ae and friends means:

  • ensuring opportunities for students and residents to pursue their education;
  • planning boldly for the future of theological education;
  • maintaining this building that so many have called home.

It also means helping to make a difference in the world we live in today.

At Knox we aspire to prepare students and residents to be dynamic leaders; to be vibrant and concerned citizens of the world; to be ethical and socially conscious individuals. We are grateful recipients of your gifts and thoughtful stewards of your generosity.

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What People Are Saying

"Because Knox is known for its sound teaching tradition and supportive community, I believed it was the best school to provide me with a strong theological foundation which would allow me to prepare for advanced degree studies."

— Kiersty Hong (Toronto, ON) - Master of Theological Studies

"When I look back at my past, I will not remember the stressful midterms and the sleepless nights of my academic career. Rather, I will remember the laughter-filled conversations at the dinner table, the classy social outings, and the life-long friends I made within the walls of this residence."

— Ryan Almeida (Mumbai, India) - Mechanical Engineering

"Being part of a community is extremely important. It allows us to understand our role as future leaders that will shape the world and most importantly give us a sense of purpose. Saying that Knox is home away from home might sound clichéd, but to me, Knox means home."

— Elveena Yesso (Curepipe, Mauritius) - Sociology

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