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About This Charity

About Our Charity

100% volunteer, Korle-Bu members in North America and Africa partner with African champions building brain and spine care for the people of West Africa. KBNF believes that transformative and sustainable health care delivery is achievable in Africa in partnership with heart powered altruistic Africans.

To create and sustain academically based Centres of Excellence in Neurosurgery and Clinical Neurosciences 4 pillars are required. 1. education and training. 2. research in Africa. 3. equipment that is sustainable, appropriate and well cared for, and 4. research based / best practice facilities. The cornerstone is Heart Power! You can have 4 stalwart pillars but if no one cares, it is not sustainable. Caring with your heart, caring with compassion fosters an environment of healing for Ghanaian and West African society.

KBNF teaches Heart Power! in the health care sector, medical schools, churches, corporations, and every walk of life in West Africa opportunity is given.