La Maison des Collines (palliative care)

Registered Name: La Maison des Collines

Business Number: 830525101RR0001

La Maison des Collines (MDC) is a centre of excellence in palliative care, with a team of professionals offering support to patients and their families at every stage of the end-of-life process.

La Maison des Collines offers a wide range of free services in French and English, including:

- Comforting on-site accommodation for patients with a life expectancy of three months or less;

- Respite care and support for loved ones;

- Temporary admissions for pain control and management of other symptoms;

- Training for volunteers and health professionals.

A home-care support service, in operation since 2015, is available to those in palliative care who are looking for companionship and who request the service.

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