Registered Name: Lakeside Hope House

Business Number: 827120908RR0001

COVID-19 Food Emergency Fund

During the Covid -19 Pandemic, HOPE House Food Market remains open to continue serving those individuals and families in poverty that are Food Insecure.

We have implemented new safety protocols and are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our community, staff and volunteers.

With increasing job layoffs and financial insecurity for months to come, more individuals need your support. With your help we can keep the shelves stocked and provide vital food support to those most in need.

There are people in Guelph who need your help right now. See how your donation will help today:

$50 will provide 50 individuals much needed canned protein

$100 will provide 25 children breakfast cereal

$250 will provide a 6 months supply of diapers

$500 will provide 70 families fresh produce for a week

$1000 will provide families 2 weeks worth of meat and dairy protein