Lambton Mental Wellnes Centre

Registered Name: Lambton Mental Wellness Centre

Business Number: 867921421RR0001

Mental Health Peer and Family Support Programs

Providing over 20 years of recovery-oriented mental health peer support in Sarnia-Lambton. LMWC offers programming for individuals living with mental health challenges as well, we offer education and support for family members.

WHAT IS PEER SUPPORT: Peer support is a supportive relationship between people who share lived experiences. LMWC provides a safe & accepting environment where peers can offer mutual support, guidance, encouragement & hope that recovery is possible.

PEER SUPPORT OUTCOMES: Peer support can be an effective prevention strategy, can moderate the effects of life-challenging events and provide a sense of empowerment. Research also indicates that peer support can help a person gain control over their symptoms, reduce hospitalization, offer social support and improve quality of life. 

■ Improved coping skills & wellness tools.

■ Increased understanding of community resources.

■ Increased community engagement & less isolation.

■ Increased quality of life.

■ Reduced crisis & hospitalization.

■ Core contributor to the recovery process.

VISION: Meet and sustain the mental health needs for all of Sarnia/Lambton through education, social recreation, peer support and partnering with other local agencies and health care professionals ensuring mentally healthy people in a healthy society.


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