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Annual Foundry Langley Fund


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Annual Foundry Langley Fund

Did You Know…

  • 70% of mental health problems here in Canada begin during childhood or adolescents.
  • 17% of BC students reported they had seriously considered suicide in 2018.
  • 17% of local students reported missing out on needed health services in the past year.

Youth Mental Wellness Starts Here

Our vision was for a time when young people have the resources necessary to thrive — outstanding, coordinated, timely and accessible mental health care, substance use services, primary care, social services, and youth and family peer support.

Now that Foundry Langley is open, that dream is taking shape.

LMHF commitment to Foundry Langley

To keep up with future growth, and meet evolving youth programming needs, LMH Foundation has established a new fund that ensures donors can give annually to continue their support of Foundry Langley. The commitment to ongoing funding will continue to close funding gaps and ensure the needs of our community of youth, and their caregivers, are addressed.

Depending on the current needs, which will change year to year, funding can support anything from increasing peer support services, developing new social programs, or adding resources to counselling and medical services.

Foundry Langley will rely on feedback from caregivers, youth and other service partners who are eyewitnesses to the needs and changes among young people. Their observations can help Foundry Langley staff pinpoint where the funds can be allocated properly. 

“The Foundry Langley Fund is the heart of Foundry, and it will be donors that help keep it beating.” – Christine McCracken.

To donate to Foundry Langley and for more information, visit