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L'Arche Toronto's support project called TIFS (Try It on For Size), helps individuals with intellectual disabilities gain experience living independently so that they can prepare themselves to move into a place of their own one day.  As a result of taking part in this program, individuals may move into more independent living settings, potentially opening up spaces in  traditional group homes for individuals with higher support needs. 

There are many individuals living in residential homes or with family who would benefit from having the opportunity to test run living in a more independent living situation and to develop the skills they need to make this a reality. They may not actually require 24 hour housing assistance and may be able to function quite independently in their current housing. With experiential training and support they could acquire the additional life skills and confidence that would help them to transition to shared or sole apartment living. Others in the community have grown up in close and loving family situations but desire to live more independently such as their siblings do.

The program takes one year for a participant to complete and helps participants build their capacity and gain new skills over time with the support of staff and potential roommates. Some of the challenges of more independent living will need to be met by life skills that may need to be developed or upgraded such as bill paying and budgeting, doing laundry, using remote controls on TV’s, or preparing and cleaning up after three meals a day. Softer life skills that may need to be acquired include managing roommate relationships, living within a smaller group, planning chores, establishing ground rules re shared expenses and payments, decision-making and developing a more self-reliant mentality.

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