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Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy LINC

Registered Name: Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy

Business Number: 848485595RR0001

Salish View Acquisition Campaign

Campaign Ended Dec. 21, 2018

Salish View: We are acquiring a 28-acre parcel of land adjacent to Squitty Bay Park on Lasqueti Island. We now are very close to our goal, as we bring in our pledged donations!  The landowners have agreed to a 70,000 donation off the $300,000 appraised value. Please help us raise this money and expand on the island's biodiversity, publicly accessible areas next to the park, and protection of the Douglas fir Ecological zone, one of BC and Canada's most endangered ecosystems!  More to come soon! 

Management & Restoration: This fund will help us cover the many management and stewardship projects we undertake. We plant and fence trees on protected areas on the island, we pull broom and Daphne Spurge laurel where they occur and landowners have given access and approval. We provide our newsletters 3 times a year with information on the wildlife and plants found on Lasqueti, and we keep up pages like this to help promote our work. Please help us with your donation!  

$250,000 raised out of $250,000 goal

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