Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre


Business Number: 894112358RR0001

Our Mission

Le Nichoir's mission is to conserve wild birds as part of our natural heritage through the rehabilitation and subsequent release of injured and orphaned wild birds and the provision of public environmental education programs.

About Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Centre

Le Nichoir provides professional and compassionate care to injured and orphaned wild birds in need and a growing number of environmental education programs primarily for children.

Le Nichoir delivers its programs through the training and dedication of its staff and volunteers whose work is facilitated by the generosity of a strong donor base and the governance of an experienced Board.

At Le Nichoir we see every day the impact people have on our wild bird populations. Almost all bird admissions to Le Nichoir are due to human impacts (e.g. car and window collisions, cat attacks, entrapment, kidnapping etc.).

The Centre cares for an annual average of 1800 wild birds; aquatic, insectivore and passerine representing over 100 species. 

No charge is asked for any of our bird care services.

Le Nichoir offers public education through multiple channels; 1) visits and tours of the Centre, 2) manning kiosks at community events, 3) phone calls and emails - approx. 12000 per year and 4) our formal educational programs. 

Simply put, the aim of our formal education program is to create in children a desire to learn more, to conserve and to co-exist with the wild birds we share our world with. Recently launched, Bird Adaptations: Custom-Made for Habitat, an hour long bilingual program designed for children aged eight to twelve, presents the physical adaptations of birds (beaks, feet, wings, etc.) and relates them to their habitat and diet. The program makes the direct connection between species conservation and habitat conservation.

Le Nichoir holds permits from both the Federal and Provincial governments and is an accreditated Wildlife Observation Centre.

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