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“I thought I was alone – the only one who couldn’t do the work. Now I know that LD is a normal thing. I am still learning about it. I was insecure before I came to LDS, now my confidence has gone way up.” —Gemma, LDS client, age 14

The Learning Disabilities Society dreams of a world where all children with a learning disability can achieve life-long success and confidence.

One in ten children in British Columbia have a diagnosed learning disability, yet kids with learning disabilities make up 50% of all adolescent suicides. Without individualized, professional remediation, learning disabilities can lead to low self-esteem, higher dropout rates, unemployment, and homelessness. This is where we come in.

The Learning Disabilities Society (LDS) serves elementary and high school children with suspected or diagnosed learning disabilities. Our primary program—RISE (Research-informed Individualized Student Education)—targets student-specific learning needs and provides customized, evidence-based, remedial instruction. Our mission is to empower all kids with learning disabilities to recognize their unique strengths and develop the tools to achieve life-long confidence and success.

We believe that all children should have access to the academic support they need to succeed. Through early intervention, we make a transformative difference in the learning and life outcomes of students and, in turn, our community. By promoting community awareness and fostering a greater understanding of the challenges faced by children with learning challenges, we seek to effect system change with wide-ranging societal benefits.

LDS is the only non-profit charitable organization in Metro Vancouver focusing on supporting students with learning disabilities. As such, we offer bursaries and scholarships to ensure that each and every child that walks in our door receives the support necessary to realize their potential. Approximately 80% of our clients require some amount of financial assistance in order to access remedial instruction.

Will you become a monthly donor?

By pledging today, you’ll ensure LDS continues to provide our critical support to children in need and prevent the life-long, damaging effects of an untreated Learning Disability.

The impact of your donation is enormous! 

- $10/month = 60 minute consultation for a family with our Education Consultant

- $15/month = Resource set for instructors to use at the Learning Centre

- $25/month = Assistive technology/laptop for children to use at the Learning Centre

- $50/month = 6 weeks (or one summer term) of specialized support and instruction for a vulnerable child with a Learning Disability. 

- $100/month = 12 weeks (or one school term) of specialized support and instruction for a vulnerable child with a Learning Disability. 

What People Are Saying

"We have seen a remarkable increase in our daughter's confidence and self esteem since she began tutoring with Vivi at LDS. Her tutor has not only helped her to understand math much better but has also been an encouraging mentor."

— Parent

"My grandson used to come home every day saying, "Grandma, I'm invisible, I'm just invisible." My heart ached for him. Now he is supported with what he needs to achieve his goals, and I have the biggest smile on my face all the time. I'm so very proud of him. He truly is amazing."

— Grandparent

"LDS was a light at the end of the tunnel."

— Lata, Parent

"Findlay is so much more confident now. He actually says, "Mummy, I like to read" now. He will actually pick up a chapter book, and read it on his own. He doesn't feel different, he feels like he can keep up. He's a lot happier. "

— Shayna, Parent

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