Left Behind by Suicide Inc.

Registered Name: Left Behind by Suicide Inc.

Business Number: 857321319RR0001

Our Mission

To create a proactive dialogue on suicide to break the stigma that surrounds it by showing portraits and sharing stories of those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide in a book and gallery exhibits. Further, we advocate for changes to curriculum, policy and legislation to include gatekeeper training.

About Left Behind by Suicide Inc.

We are storytellers and we invite those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide to share their stories.

We have four pillars; Stigma reduction, Creating a pro-active dialogue through curriculum, policy and legislation, Workplace and Research.

We believe we can break stigma, we believe we can help healing and we believe we can prevent suicide.

With open communication at its heart, the project includes a touring gallery exhibition and book (both depicting portraits of those “left behind” by a loved one’s suicide), a number of annual fundraising events and local, national and international speaking appearances by Chisholm and members of the advisory team, some of Canada’s most respected and recognized athletes, musicians and doctors. In 2012, the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health honoured Chisholm with a prestigious "Champions of Mental Health Award”

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