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We help ordinary people like you find solutions to their legal problems. Your donations help make this work possible.

Help during the pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Legal Aid BC will be here to help. Social distancing doesn’t mean that your life is on hold or that you won’t need help navigating the legal system. We're keeping British Columbians up to date on the legal changes, answering your urgent legal questions, and making sure we can all solve our legal problems as safely as possible. All of our services are still free and available either over the phone or online so you can get the help you need from the safety of your own home.

Everyone deals with the law at some point

From divorce, to writing a will, to run-ins with the law, everyone knows someone who has dealt with a legal problem. Trying to deal with the problem yourself can be overwhelming and can feel impossible. Not everyone can afford a lawyer though. We're here to help those people.

We provide legal aid in BC

We are the official legal aid provider in BC. We help people navigate the legal maze and solve their legal problems. This help includes publications, websites, and other self-help resources for the people who don’t qualify for a lawyer.

These materials are 100% free to anyone who needs them and can help you save time, money, and energy while you deal with your legal issue.

Our resources help tens of thousands of people every year

Every year, we distribute over 100,000 free publications to British Columbians who need help with the law. And we have online services to help. Our Family Law in BC website's step-by-step divorce guide alone helps more than 50,000 people a year, walking them through the divorce process and saving them thousands of dollars by staying out of . As well as separation issues, the site explains other areas of family law, including children; finances and support; abuse and family violence; and the legal system. MyLawBC takes this approach further. It asks you questions about your situation and uses your answers to diagnose your legal issue and give you a tailored action plan to resolve your legal problem. MyLawBC also features our newest service, the Family Resolution Centre, which helps separating parents write a parenting plan their children. If they can’t agree, a professional mediator will help them for free.

"I am filing for divorce and the instructions are very clear and easy to understand.... Of great assistance!"—Family Law in BC website user

Your donations help us create and improve resources for the people who need them

Our resources help people in dire need. If our materials helped you or someone you know — or even if you just believe that everyone has the right to effectively use our legal system — consider donating. Your donations mean that more people in BC can solve their legal problems quickly, cheaply, and painlessly.

What People Are Saying

"[MyLawBC], kind of, brought me back to centre on “It’s OK.” It’s not about what broke down; it’s [about] the legal situation… It made me feel better. It made me, kinda, come back to centre, and kinda go “OK…I am going to find some answers.”"

— MyLawBC user

"I think it’s really, really, really good. I wish this were available 7 years ago [when I was going through a divorce]. I really do. "

— MyLawBC, Dialogue Tool user

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