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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Township


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The ultimate goal is that every child who needs a mentor has a mentor. (mentoring, young, youth)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Township


Through the movement of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, which has existed for over 100 years, various forms of mentoring have been developed to better meet the needs of the community.

The Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs has existed for more than 40 years and has a mission to promote development and improve the well-being of children by pairing with an adult that becomes a model, mentor, friend, that transmits family and social values (traditional twinning). Our goal is to create a meaningful relationship that will impact the esteem and confidence of the child, allowing him to discover and realize his full potential and to encourage school perseverance.

We offer different programs:

Traditional mentoring

The traditional mentoring program offers young people aged 7 to 17 the opportunity to have a friend who guides them, a friend who they can talk to and with whom they can share their life experiences.

Through regular activities, a close relationship develops between the mentor and the young person. It is a relationship based on trust and the sharing of common interests. Throughout this friendship, both the mentor and the young person are supported by experienced counsellors. This experience allows the mentor and the young person to live an experience that will change the course of their respective lives.

In-School Mentoring

The In-School mentoring program provides youth with a role model and a friend to talk to and share the experiences of growing up within school grounds. For one hour a week, mentors meet with their mentee and engage in activities such as board games, crafts or just hang out on school grounds.

The In-School mentoring program requires a weekly visit of one hour for the duration of the school year. Matches do not meet over the summer break or during other school holidays.

Mentorship 16|21

The 16|21 Mentorship program offers youth aged 16 to 21 who receive services under the Youth Protection Act (YPA) or the Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), and who have a history of placement, the opportunity to be matched with a mentor in order to provide an additional, positive role model in the youth's life.

Through bi-weekly meeting, the youth in this program will develop an enriching relationship built on sharing and positive exchanges outside of the services received through youth protection.

Flash Mentorship

Flash is a short-term mentorship program. More specifically, it's a pairing between an adult college or university students and a teenager, who meet each other once a week in the community. Thus, the meetings take place outside the teenager's home. In addition, each pairing must complete a minimum of 12 two-hour meetings.




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