Productions SuperMusique


Business Number: 124410630RR0001

Productions SuperMusique (PSM) was founded in 1979 by Joane Hétu and Danielle Palardy Roger, who have been directing the company ever since. This creation organization is entirely devoted to “musique actuelle,” improvisation, and sonic experiments. PSM’s operations focus on premiering, producing, and programming concerts in Montréal, and on setting up American and European tours. The company also presents music creation workshops for young audiences.

With the future in mind, PSM continues to provide opportunities for musicians and composers to make known the quality and originality of their improvised and creative music.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO CONTINUE OUR WORK - WHEN YOU MAKE A DONATION, the amount will be matched by the Quebec Minister of Communication and Culture’s PROGRAMME MÉCÉNAT CULTURE

Your help will provide tangible and lasting support for our development. Your donations will be solely used to support music creation and will help us to maintain our fund at the FOUNDATION OF GREATER MONTREAL

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