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Peer-to-Peer Fund

Registered Name: LetsStopAIDS

Business No: 861452639RR0001

Peer-to-Peer Fund

Developed by youth, for youth, Peer-to-Peer workshops give young Canadians essential information about sexual health and HIV treatment & prevention, in a stigma free environment.

When speaking with youth about what they are taught in sex-ed, they share there is a disconnect between what is discussed in the classroom vs. real life experiences. LetsStopAIDS believes that youth need to be at the centre of conversations around programme development to close the gap. That is why peer educators have been at the heart of the programme curation, design, and execution.The mission is to fill the gap in the curriculum and empower youth to navigate healthy sex lives and relationships, whilst making decisions that are right for them.

LetsStopAIDS has been running Peer to Peer workshops in schools, universities, and community organizations based in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

With increased funding, we hope to expand this programme into rural Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the two Canadian provinces with the highest HIV prevalence, as well as rural Ontario. With a focus on communities most vulnerable to HIV, Peer to Peer continues to be a vital intervention, ensuring youth are up to date with the most effective prevention strategies, whilst de-bunking myths contributing to the stigma faced by those living with HIV.