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Our Mission

Lifeline Malawi Association (LM) is an independent Canadian based charity which is headquartered in Surrey, BC, Canada.  Its mission is to provide community based medical services, through compassionate and loving service, and to incorporate preventative initiatives that act to strengthen the health of local community.  During the past 12 years, Lifeline Malawi has provided medical care and support to the local community, saving and prolonging lives through collaborations with the community, the Malawi government, other organizations and with our supporters in Canada. Together we are working to empower the people of Malawi by investing in a healthy and hopeful future. 


Maternal and newborn care services at RoseTree Maternity provide comprehensive pregnancy related services and obstetric care for women in low-risk pregnancies. Services continue to be accessed by many women. There are between 35-60 babies delivered each month at the Health Centre. Every woman who goes through the antenatal program during various stages of her pregnancy is tested for HIV.  If she is positive she starts immediately on anti-retro viral therapy (ART) and will receive medicine during the childbirth, reducing the risk of HIV transmission during delivery. Family planning is also discussed with patients and a variety of options are offered 

Primary Health Care

The LM Health Centre provides primary health care consultations, treatments and medicines, in addition to laboratory services to all its patients.  An ambulance is available to take seriously ill patients to the Salima District Hospital, 40 KM away.


The LM Health Centre provides counselling, testing and ART for those with the life threatening HIV/AIDS. Total cumulative active number of HIV clients is 1065.  Patients continue to be monitored and supplied their ART at HIV Clinics throughout the week.

Community Health Education

Health talks are given daily to patients in the waiting room on various health related topics.  Each program at Lifeline Malawi Health Centre educates and promotes preventative measures throughout the clinic on such topics as HIV prevention, safe motherhood, immunizations, nutrition, and public health issues.

 Under five Clinics

Newborns from the Maternity and children under 5 in the communities are referred to the under 5 clinic which provides access to post maternity services, growth monitoring, and immunization. Malnourished children are referred to the LM Nutrition Clinic, where they will become part of the supplementary feeding program.

Palliative Care Clinics

Lifeline Malawi Palliative Care Team care for sick and dying patients at our palliative care outpatient clinics and though home care visits for those who are too sick to travel. We give comfort and love to the suffering, providing medicines to relieve the pain, changing dressings and providing relief for other symptoms.  

About Our Charity

Lifeline Malawi established its first medical outreach in the lake shore community of Ngodzi, where there were no medical facilities, clean water or even sufficient food. Ngodzi is a rural community of 40,000 people approx. 100km southeast of the capital city of Lilongwe. Although there were other established mission groups in the area, health conditions and medical needs of the local Yao tribes people were desperate, as there are were no trained medical personnel and there no access to medicines.

Dr. Brooks initially (1998) worked with a small staff to provide a part-time medical presence in the community. In September 2001, he opened a new eight room medical clinic on land donated by the community. Since then, the Ngodzi property has been developed, through donations raised in Canada, the United States, France and the U.K, into a medical complex offering full-time medical and health-related services.

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