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About This Charity

Our Mission

Lifeline Malawi Association (LM), an independent Canadian humanitarian medical relief and development organization headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is dedicated to providing medical aid without discrimination to the peoples of developing countries. LM fulfills its vision of “Bringing life-transforming hope and healing to the nation of Malawi” through a community-based medical clinic delivery model, utilizing partnerships with other like-minded organizations. Our mission is accomplished by providing:

- A replicable Centre of Excellence that delivers rural based:

o Primary health care, such as disease prevention and treatment

o VCT programs which address the reality of HIV/AIDS

o Maternity programs

- Appropriate medicines, without cost, through pharmaceutical partnerships

- Trained healthcare professionals to provide quality assessment and care

- Leadership for community ownership and self sustainment by implementing community-based health education programs

- Partnerships with other organizations for hygiene, safe water and sanitation programs

- Means to generate revenue within the community (i.e. Maize mill)

About Our Charity

Lifeline Malawi established its first medical outreach in the lakeshore community of Ngodzi, where there were no medical facilities, clean water or even sufficient food. Ngodzi is a rural community of 40,000 people approx. 100km southeast of the capital city of Lilongwe. Although there were other established mission groups in the area, health conditions and medical needs of the local Yao tribes people were desperate, as there are were no trained medical personnel and there no access to medicines.

Dr. Brooks initially (1998) worked with a small staff to provide a part-time medical presence in the community. In September 2001, he opened a new eight room medical clinic on land donated by the community. Since then, the Ngodzi property has been developed, through donations raised in Canada, the United States, France and the U.K, into a medical complex offering full-time medical and health-related services.