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Covid-19 Community Food Box Program

Campaign Ended Aug. 31, 2020

Welcome to London’s new Community Food Box program.  This program was initiated by LIFE*SPIN in partnership with local businesses.  By working together, we hope to support fixed-income families, seniors and expectant mothers, who are at-risk, with direct access to food, delivered right to their doors.

It is critical that we understand that staying at home increases the expenses of residents living on fixed-incomes, while it may decrease some expenses for families with middle or higher incomes.  Lower income families that are staying home miss out on the resources that get them through each month, such as trips to the food bank, community meals at the local senior’s centre, community organization, or soup kitchen, or access to diapers and formula.  However, average families are saving some money on transportation, eating home cooked meals and enjoying entertainment at home.  We have all heard the phrase “isolation dividend” to represent the money you may be saving by staying home.  We invite you to donate your 'isolation dividend' to buy a food box for a family that may not be able to leave home to shop and who has very limited financial means. 

Thank you for helping us help those in need.


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