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Labour of Love ~ Welcome Baby Program


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Labour of Love ~ Welcome Baby Program

LIFE*SPIN is pleased to host Labour of Love ~ Welcome Baby Fair.  Our event will be held in February 2024, in the LIFE*SPIN Living Room.  This community baby-shower of sorts, will support low-income mom’s who are expecting the birth of a child, but whom may lack family/friends and, sadly, the income to celebrate what should be a wonderful experience. 

This event will also help promote awareness of other programs and supports that may be available to support the healthy development of their baby and assist attendees to access after-birth supports.  We will publish a new-parent resource manual to share with them, provide the sweetest hand-made sweaters/bonnets, and a hand-crafted blanket for each family.  It is especially difficult for low-income families who are expecting a baby, as not only do they lack the financial resources, they also face the feelings of guilt in a society that often blames the poor.  We recognize that these babies are on their way into our community, and we hope to support their healthy growth and the sense of well-being and community support for the moms.