LIFEWATER CANADA - Sponsor a Water Well in Africa or Haiti


Business Number: 885420737RR0001

Sponsor a well in Africa or Haiti. Lifewater Canada is a Canadian water charity. How much does it cost to dig a well in Africa or Haiti? You can build a well in Africa (Liberia, Kenya, Nigeria) or Haiti for $4,800

About LIFEWATER CANADA - Sponsor a Water Well in Africa or Haiti is a non-profit organization drilling water wells in Liberia, Nigeria, Kenya and Haiti, repairing hand pumps, improving sanitation by building washrooms, and providing health & hygiene training.

We have positioned our teams on the ground, where the need is acute, so when hurricanes, outbreaks of cholera and typhoid strike, they are quick to mobilize and reach out a helping hand.

Since we are powered by volunteers working from our home, our overhead is under 7%. Your money goes where it is needed most - providing safe drinking water wells and sanitation in countries like Liberia, West Africa.

We rely on people like you to help make safe drinking water projects affordable for villagers living on a dollar per day.  Working together, we can reduce the devastation of water-borne diseases which are a large factor in the death of children. 15% of children in Liberia were dying before reaching age 5 prior to the Ebola epidemic!

What People Are Saying

""We wish to thank the real heroes, the workers and staff at Lifewater. Your time, effort, expertise, and prayers are to be saluted. Your joyful day to day service inspires and is a model to those of us who have so much. You link our gifts of money and convert it into life saving water.""

— A faithful donor from BC

"Lifewater Canada's wisdom lies in its devotion to building permanent, local institutions. This not a hit-and-run, tote up hollow numbers organization. If there were to be another Beatitude, it would be: Blessed are the persistent, for they shall transform people." "

— Robert Jarrett, Lifewater Volunteer

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