Light and Salt Ministries (LASM)

Registered Name: Light and Salt Ministries Nicaragua

Business Number: 817481575RR0001

In Nicaragua, the issue of poverty is not merely one of circumstance, but one of mentality. Generations continue through their cycles of poverty because they accept that is how they are destined to live. They see no hope for a more prosperous future. Light and Salt Ministries offers a long-term solution to this kind of poverty; help the people to transform their minds.

Our goal is to provide Nicaraguans with the tools they need to break free from their cycles of poverty. Through formation classes, counselling, and bible studies, their mindsets begin to transform. Our vocational training programs equip them with the skills to generate their own income. Meanwhile, our poverty relief projects help to sustain the people with food packs and other necessities.

We know that transforming a nation is difficult, but we believe that through Christ, the Nicaraguan people have the potential to change their realities and perspectives. We are thankful for each donor and volunteer who has chosen to partner with us in this adventure.

Our Programs

Mercy in Action - People in need receive weekly food packs through this program. In addition to food, they receive weekly Bible studies, psychological attention, and group sessions. We provide medical aid and building or repair projects in accordance with available funds.

Boys Formation Classes - This supplementary educational program provides young boys with daily meals, devotionals and prayer, computer skills, homework tutorial, sports, poverty relief missions, fine arts, educational field trips, morals and ethical mentorship, and more.

Triumphant Women - This program equips abandoned women and single mothers with invaluable skills. By learning to sew clothes, these women gain the ability to feed themselves and their families with their own income. Some of these women have gone on to establish their own small businesses and serve their local communities.

Leather Shoe Workshop - Our leather shoe workshop is currently available exclusively to the students in our Boys Formation Classes, with the goal to soon open it to the local community. Learning to make shoes and other leather products provides Nicaraguans with a marketable skill that enables them to sustain themselves financially.

Our Story

In 2009 Tara Germain, a local to northern British Columbia, sold all her belongings and moved to Central America to serve God. Through God’s leading, she met Alex Casco, a native Nicaraguan with a call to serve the people of his country. Their ministry began informally with 70 children and in 2012 they formed a non-profit organization called Light and Salt Ministries.

Our ministry centre is based in Dario City, Nicaragua, where our founders continue to direct and work alongside our ministry team. We are also led and supported by a board of directors and many volunteers from the Fort St. John, British Columbia area along with partners from across North America.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission - Disciple, help, train, and empower Nicaraguans to break their cycles of mental, spiritual, and physical poverty.

Our VisionProvoke a reform in Nicaragua through Christian education and poverty relief.

Our Values - Relational, Mercy based, Bible based, Spirit led, Hands on, Excellence.


For more information, you can visit our website or contact us directly.

What People Are Saying

"Having a place to go has helped me not be a street boy or fall into substance abuse. When I am at home and my dad is fighting with my mom I start to sing the songs I have learned at the program. I explain the word of God to them. It has helped my entire family."

— Jonathon, age 11, Student at LASM

"The difference this program makes in the lives of the boys in [their] program and their families is amazing. What [they] can do with a dollar in Nicaragua compared to that same dollar in my pocket here in Canada is outstanding."

— Wendy Willis, LASM Supporter

"This program has helped me form new & healthy habits in my behavior, bettered my physical health, and helped me find my gifts in the art & music realm. When I am here I don't have time to mess around in other stuff. The word of God has changed my way of thinking & living. "

— Kener, age 15, Student at LASM

"LASM philosophy matches what Christianity should be to the world. It is an evangelical program, it is a discipleship program, and it is a practical skills program. How exciting to see God work in Dario, not just in the lives of these boys, but in the rest of the community for generations to come."

— Dana Dang, LASM Supporter

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