Registered Name: LiveWorkPlay

Business Number: 896222775RR0001


Our next event is the Festive Family Feast on December 6! This is followed by the Celebration of Inclusion Family Feast on March 27, and the Make A Buzz Ottawa 25th Anniversary Gala on May 7.

Our Mission

LiveWorkPlay helps the community welcome and include people with intellectual disabilities, autistic persons, and individuals with a dual diagnosis to live, work, and play as valued citizens!

We work with family members, volunteers, and community partners in all sectors to develop quality affordable housing, paid employment, and active lives in the community. We are leading-edge in our work, recognized not only in our own community, but worldwide through global conferences and professional journals. Our work is mainly local, but we are influenced - and influence - best practices in our field in all communities.

About LiveWorkPlay

CORE value: people with intellectual disabilites are valuable contributors to the diversity of our community and the human family.

LIVE value: with respect to homes, health care, education, personal dignity, and personal privacy...

WORK value: with respect to paid work at minimum wage or better, short-term unpaid work, and volunteer positions...

PLAY value: with respect to cultural and spiritual life, sports and recreation, political life, and the full range of human relationships...

People with intellectual disabilities have the right to the removal of barriers preventing them from experiencing the community on an equal basis with other citizens.

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