Living Edge

Registered Name: Living Edge Community Church

Business Number: 826256539RR0001

The Living Edge Community is a society in Victoria, BC operated by dedicated volunteers. The mission is committed to bringing food equality for all to the CRD by recapturing food from retailers, distributors and farmers. The food is then sorted and distributed six days/week at one of our ten free weekly Neighbourhood Markets, where people on low income reside. 

Over 5,000 families and individuals receive fresh vegetables and staples, market-style in their own neighbourhood every week.

Please help these families put nutritious food on their table for their growing children, or help a senior who can barely afford to pay their rent and utilities by donating either monthly or making a one-time donation to Living Edge.

Every donation counts!


    What People Are Saying

    "I live on a small government pension and hardly have enough money for groceries. I am so thankful for the support from LIVING EDGE and the fresh food the weekly market provides. "

    — Senior, Read More

    "I sent a client in great need to your service [market] today, and he was so thrilled that he sent me a photo of what he got and told me that “some days are good days” – I am astonished at how much food he got for his family. Thank you all your workers – you truly are making a HUGE difference! "

    — Employment Councellor, Read More

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