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Business Number: 140315136RR0001

Amany’s Hope Refugee Sponsorship aims to bring a Syrian refugee family to Peterborough in 2019.

Our Team, along with the congregation of Living Hope Church and other citizens of Peterborough, will take on the responsibility of supporting the family for a year while they adjust to life in Canada.

By assisting our refugee family with improving their spoken and written English skills, helping them understand our Canadian and Peterborough culture, helping them with everything that you and I take for granted, and walking with them as the family learns how best to share their skills and talents with the larger community, we can all take pride in the role every one of us plays in welcoming these new Canadian citizens to our City.

We expect that the cost of supporting our family will be $26,000.

The Family

This sponsorship is particularly special because it will bring a refugee family to Peterborough, where they already have parents and siblings who care for them deeply.


The family comprises a husband and wife and their two children: one daughter aged 2, and an infant son, 3 months.


Your support, no matter the amount, will assist the Amany’s Hope Sponsorhsip Team with reaching their goal: to welcome the family to our safe country where they may finally realize their dream and the dreams of their children.


Thank you for supporting Amany’s Hope!


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