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Integration with 416 Community Support for Women

As of April 1, 2017, 416 Community Support for Women has joined LOFT as our newest program. Donations for 416 Community Support for Women can be made on the LOFT donation page by choosing "416 Community Support" from the Fund drop down menu.

Our Mission

To help people achieve their optimal health and well being in the community, LOFT offers unwavering support and hope. We serve people living with complex mental health, addictions, cognitive and physical health challenges, offering a range of services and housing delivered in the community. Through innovation, investment, expertise and collaboration we respond to changing needs in our diverse community.

Our Vision

Together, we can all live successfully in our Community.

About LOFT Community Services

Unwavering support and hope.

Through compassionate support and individualised services, LOFT is a pathway out of darkness for people who feel they are lost, a champion for those who feel alone and scared, and a critical safety net for individuals facing complex issues.

We are unwavering in our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live their best life and reconnect with their community in a meaningful way.

Every day we witness the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.

And every day we are moved by the kindness and generosity of our supporters who make it all possible.

It's what inspires us to continually innovate, to push harder for solutions, to take risks, to reach out to those most in never, ever give up on our fellow human beings because we believe in....

A dignified life for everyone.

LOFT believes that no one's challenges are too complex and no one is too hard to serve.

That is why we are called "LOFT".  It stands for "Leap of Faith Together" and describes what it takes to serve those most in need. Together with our donors, and our clients themselves, we willingly take risks and reach out to create new programs and services to fill the gaps.

Some of Our Numbers

4,639 - Number served
16+ - Ages served
1,286 - Supportive housing units owned, leased or managed
545 - Number of staff
132,229 - Number of visits with clients annually
Toronto, York Region and South Simcoe - Area Served

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Decades of research and hundreds of studies in Canada and elsewhere have proven that the primary factors affecting our health are not medical treatments or lifestyle choices, but the living conditions we experience.

Our health is profoundly influenced by our income level, housing, food security, employment and working conditions, education, access to health care and social services and social exclusion.

LOFT addresses the social determinants of health of our clients, to help each individual find safe and affordable housing, access the care and services they need, combat social isolation and develop communities of mutual support, and set life goals leading to better healthier, greater independence, more hope, and... 

A dignified life for everyone.

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