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COVID-19 Outbreak Reponse


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COVID-19 Outbreak Reponse

It has become clear that we can no longer take for granted our ability to predict how COVID-19 will impact our day-to-day activities- or even our own mental health. The pandemic has not been easy for those living with complex mental health issues, addictions, and poverty and food insecurity. These are our clients at LOFT Community Services.

LOFT has adapted quickly in order to protect our clients. Our clients are at a higher risk because of underlying health conditions from years of struggles with mental health, addictions or poverty. We have pivoted our needs to meet the increasing needs of the community and to continue providing our services. 

Like our hospital partners, our front line workers are our everyday heroes. These heroes are putting themselves at risk every day to be there for those who rely on help for daily function. They care for our clients. Left without adequate care, their challenges would only worsen and become more complex.

As one of the largest mental health service providers of its kind in Ontario, LOFT is determined to continue offering unwavering support and home to people when they need us the most.

Help us create better communities at this time when the pandemic is delivering such a blow to our communities.

Thank you for being a hero, just like our frontline workers.