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Loft Country


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Send a Child to Horse Camp for $250

Campaign Ended May 31, 2018

Brooklyn used to be a "regular" at Loft Country Children's Horse Camp. In the Spring of 2017, tragically, Brooklyn was taken from her family in a car accident, along with her mother. We honour Brooklyn's life through our camp sponsorship program, now called "A Hat for Brooklyn."

When you donate $250, you sponsor A Hat for Brooklyn, and you make it possible for us to bring a child to Loft Country for one week in the summer.

Each year, we reach out to local churches and children's charities and work with them to ensure that no child misses out on account of the family's financial need. Thank you for standing alongside Loft Country as we provide an amazing environment where kids can laugh, teens can be mentored, and families can create memories.

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