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Professional Artist Relief Fund

Campaign Ends April 30, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 crisis people around the world are facing unparalleled financial and social challenges. The question is, how do we here in London Ontario rise up to these challenges? How can we, as a community overcome the barriers created through the necessary collective act of social distancing?

The London Arts Council is meeting this challenge head on by initiating a new online program called London Arts LIVE - Online (LAL-O). There are three important goals of LAL-O. First, LAL-O will provide local artists with paid work – something they now desperately need. Second, LAL-O will provide Londoner's of all ages and backgrounds, with a wide variety of LIVE arts-based performances and educational activities. This will enable Londoner's to connect, in real time, with members of the London arts community, and with each other. Moreover, this will provide families with experiential creative opportunities such as drawing, dancing, signing and writing.

LAL-O is a fundraising base where Londoner's can send donations to support artists impacted by COVID -19

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