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Our Mission

London Cross Cultural Learener Centre (CCLC) is a community organization that exists to provide settlement services and support to newcomers and to promote intercultural awareness and understanding.


If you are a new immigrant to London and region, call or come in to see us first.

With over 60 staff that speaks 40 languages, CCLC is able to help newcomers to begin the process to successfully settle and integrate into our community. Many of the staff were immigrants themselves and understand the many challenges that newcomers face. They are experienced and caring professionals who will work diligently on your behalf.

What People Are Saying

"(Excerpt from poem) Thank you Jeremiah's House They were right when they said that Canada is heaven and good living I pray to god to reward you with happiness"

— Waheed (Abou Atheer), Read More

"The NOW (Newcomer Orientation Week) program was a total success. Even today, almost two years after, when I run into people I met in the NOW program there is always a warm and welcoming greet that starts a short conversation."

— Juan David Gaviria, Read More

"As a peer leader for NOW Program, I had very good and versatile time with many people from all over the world. [sic] I helped and gained people with important things which they need to know about Canadian education and the system."

— Milana Pjevac, Read More

"I want to express my great thanks for all the efforts you have done for our family since we came to Canada in 2012... we are so lucky to meet you."

— Wenying and Zhiwei

"Not only does child benefit from SWIS service (Settlement Worker in School), but also their parents. I really appreciate the SWIS service."

— Yanchun Yu

"I appreciate you taking the time to teach me such important job related material and for listening and responding to me. I had a terrific experience in your class and learned a lot of great things."

— Pegah Tavakoli

"I am from Iraq. I arrived to Canada as a GAR through the UNHCR. Upon arrival, LCCLC provided me with all the services I needed. The service was fast and of good quality. I thank them all and am very appreciative."

— Khalid AlBasri

"The Job Search Workshop (JSW) and your advices gave me a lot of knowledge of how to find a job, you are very helpful. My best regards."

— Anees

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