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Renewed Vision

Caring Communities…    Resilient Children and Families…. Beyond the Justice System

No one organization can solve all the challenges of children and families.  The broader solution rests in developing caring communities that work together to support and inspire one another in their life’s journey. Caring communities are inclusive, safe, engaged and want the best for each of their members.

The work of LFCC focuses on helping children and families to be resilient in overcoming  their  challenges,  to  gain  strength  and  to  move  towards  a brighter future.  Resilience allows all people to achieve, to overcome barriers, to bounce back and to be the best they can be.

LFCC works to help children and families connected to the justice system move through their experience to realize a better outcome once beyond that system.  It also helps children and families at risk of being connected to the justice system.  

Renewed Mission

Integrating specialized clinical practice, education and research that promotes resiliency in children and families to move beyond the justice system.

Renewed Philosophy & Mandate

                The Clinic recognizes children and families involved in the justice system are in a crisis and at a major turning point in their lives. We believe the justice system has an opportunity to be part of a healing and conflict resolution process when it is responsive to the needs of children and families. We believe the Clinic can play a role in making the justice system more sensitive and responsive to children and families.

Renewed Principles

Respect & Trust – Inclusiveness – Service Excellence – Collaboration

Valuing Clients, Staff & Volunteers – Accountability & Transparency – Culture of Success

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