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Goodenough College Giving Day


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Goodenough College Giving Day

Goodenough College Giving Day: Raising funds for Canadian and International Scholarships

Join LGAC in supporting Goodenough College in this third 36-hour Giving Day on Monday and Tuesday 20-21 November  2023 supporting scholarships.  Donations through LGAC will support 2 funds equally:

LGAC Scholarships: helping Canadian scholars and maintaining the College’s deep Canadian connection.

Goodenough International Scholarships: for scholars from all over the world, especially those from challenging backgrounds, fleeing conflict or from lower socio-economic countries can access all that the College has to offer, ensuring Goodenough stays as diverse a place as possible, benefiting all of our Members.

A gift of any size will make a huge difference to our fundraising efforts, delivering a message that we have joined together in support of our College community.  

Donations The donations from Canadian Alumni are processed through the LGAC, our Canadian Alumni Association and a registered Canadian charity.  This allows Canadian donors to receive a Canadian income tax receipt.  As you make your donation we encourage you to take the opportunity to make a small additional donation to the LGAC to assist with the administrative costs of our tax-efficient giving and alumni association in Canada. Please add the recommended donation of $50 to your Giving Day Gift.  

Many thanks for your continued support of the College and the LGAC