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Sponsor a Searchers Uniform

Registered Name: London Search and Rescue

Business No: 709310478RR0001

Sponsor a Searchers Uniform

The London Search and Rescue team is training 15 new trainees in our Spring 2024 class, and 15 new trainees for our Fall 2024 class.  Each trainee will get a uniform which costs $300.00 total.  The uniform consists of blue ripstop pants with reflective striping, blue ripstop overshirt with name plate, crests and reflective striping, a ball cap, and a red LSAR shirt. 

The uniform is durable for wooded searches, high visibility for nighttime and poor visibility, and consistent so each teammate is easily identifiable and acts as Protective and safety equipment. The uniform is a necessary expense for the London Search and Rescue team to deploy these new members on searches.

Outfitting 30 trainees will cost $9,000.00 and we welcome member sponsors.  If you would like to sponsor a specific teammate please fill in the "send a message to this charity" and put in the name of the searcher you would like to gift a uniform.  If you don't specify a searcher, we will assign the uniform to a trainee.


When sponsoring a searcher, the uniform remains property of LSAR.  If the searcher doesn't pass certification or if they leave the team their uniform may be assigned to another member of the team.  In the off-chance that one searcher is sponsored twice, they will receive one uniform and the 2nd uniform will be assigned to another member of the team that needs one so every teammates gets 1 uniform.