Longo's Family Charitable Foundation


Business Number: 869530865RR0001

The Philanthropy of the LFCF exemplifies a legacy of commitment and investment in our communities that began in 1956. It started with the Founders of Longo's who believed in giving something, even when they had nothing to give. It's simply about doing the right thing and helping families during their time of need and making a difference in people's lives.


A world of strong, healthy families; one where children and youth are empowered to reach their full potential.


Inspired by our love of family and passion for food, we exist to strengthen families and empower children and youth by investing in health care and child and youth development initiatives and by providing support to access those programs.

Focus Areas:

1) Healthcare - emerging health research in the areas of immunotherapy and mental health (ages 16-25) and support to families living with health challenges

2) Development & Leadership Programs for Children & Youth - support to camps and programs that provide the opportunity to develop their passions and life skills to become future leaders, making a difference in our communities and support to those needing assistance to attend those programs

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