Lonny's Smile Foundation

Registered Name: Lonny's Smile Foundation

Business Number: 819256207RR0001

Lonny’s Smile creates opportunities for children with congenital heart disease (CHD) to forget about their illness for a week and experience the magic of summer camp, at zero cost to their families. Over their week at camp, they push their boundaries, build confidence, make friends who share similar experiences, and gain new perspectives by just being kids. Lonny’s Smile also empowers youth to make a difference by giving them the resources they need to lead local fundraisers to help other kids with CHD in their own community. Launched in 2010 by Lonny’s sister Tamara Doerksen, the Foundation has sent 120 kids with CHD to camp, providing them with an experience that will last a lifetime, and equipping them with the confidence to make a positive difference in their communities!

Our Impact: A significant portion of funds raised by Lonny's Smile are paid directly to SickKids Foundation Camp Oki. These funds are not reflected in the revenue numbers included on this site.

What People Are Saying

"OKI is a welcoming place where you can be you; you don’t have to worry about people judging you for your scar. Your scar is now a proof you survived, a story that all want to hear."

— David Lewis, Lonny's Smile Patient Ambassador, Read More

"Sent my girl off to her final year at Camp Oki. This is where she’s found confidence and friends who can truly relate to the challenges of life with a CHD. For one week, they’re all just regular kids who happen to have the same surgery scars."

— Shauna, mother of Lonny's Smile Patient Ambassador Deirdre, Read More

"Jaidyn and two friends have developed this amazing friendship at Camp Oki that I’m sure will last a lifetime. These three girls are in constant communication. Whether it is phone calls, text messages or through Instagram not many days pass by without them being in contact with each other."

— Michelle, mother of Lonny's Smile Patient Ambassador Jaidyn, Read More

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