Looking at the Stars Foundation

Registered Name: Looking at the Stars Foundation

Business Number: 779585298RR0001


We are Looking at the Stars Foundation - a Canadian registered federal charity (Registration No. 77958 5298 RR0001) , which inspires and creates hope and optimism about the future in the hearts and minds of our major beneficiaries - inmates of correctional institutions and residents of long-term care institutions. (http://lookingatthestars.org). 

Our Inspirational Gift is a free-of-charge 90 minute interactive classical music recital (Event) , presented by a world-class artists (https://geniusas.com/) using a world class instrument (eg.: concert grand piano) in federal prisons  and long term care institutions(cafeterias, halls, gyms, chapels).

WE ARE NOT ENTERTAINING - we are creating an environment of respectful distraction, enabling patients and inmates to self reflect, heal and create hope about the future ...

We have yet to find our regular sponsors and/or donors and survive due to the seed funding from the founder and private contributions, which is why I am appealing to all of you for support.


Since our inception in late December 2015 we have organized and implemented 31 such Events (19 in federal prisons, 11 in long-term care institutions and 1 for Syrian refugees).

The results have exceeded our expectations - it is reflected in hundreds of deeply emotional testimonials and letters from patients, inmates, doctors, wardens, family members and staff, who are unanimous in acknowledging the positive impact on the mental health, healing, reintegration, repeated crime prevention, general atmosphere and other critical restorative health and justice processes.

Chairman, Lifers Group

Lukas Geniusas performance was amazing. The informational exchanges were unique, affording us the opportunity ask questions and feel a sense of participation instead of just being an audience member. A full week later a group of men sat in the Lifer’s office and discussed what we have experienced; what was for many of us truly once in a lifetime experience. About 30 minutes into the discussion I pointed out to the men that we have just been engaged in a meaningful, intelligent and inspirational conversation for the past half an hour. I challenged everyone present to think of the last time they had actually done that in a penitentiary setting. Collectively no one could recall having been moved in that manner and then being open and honest enough to share it with a group of men…. 

Most recently we received an official endorsement Commissioner of CSC (Correctional Services Canada).

What People Are Saying

"The music made me feel extraordinarily special."

— Anonymous Inmate – Grand Valley Institution for Women

"For the first time in a long time, I felt like a human being."

— Anonymous Inmate Bath Institution – Bath Institution, CSC

"Correctional Service Canada recognizes the benefit of community engagement in facilitating offenders’ successful transition to society. Partnerships with community organizations such as yours are fundamental to a more effective and safe return of offenders to the community as law abiding citizens."

— Nancy Kinsman Warden – Beaver Creek Institution, Read More

"We had several visitors comment that they could hear the music throughout the hospital corridors. It was a very special experience for patients and their families."

— Gwen Burrows Executive Director, - Sick Kids Hospital

"On behalf of all of Baycrest I would like to that you for bringing Lukas and his music to us for the December concert. I know the clients were “wowed” by his talent, as were families and our staff."

— Joanne Ingell Director – Baycrest Health Sciences

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