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Lotus Centre for Special Music Education

Registered Name: Lotus Centre for Special Music Education

Business No: 824271480RR0001

Lotus Centre for Special Music Education


Founded in 2012, Lotus Centre's mission is to create the opportunity for people with exceptionalities to reach their full potential in music learning. Our educational philosophy focuses on teaching to student strengths to build self-confidence in a positive learning environment based on respect for individual learning needs. Our teachers are passionate about developing the musical gifts and talents of students with all abilities and fostering a love of music and learning. Our approach to supporting special music education involves direct teaching, collaborating with community organizations to develop music education programs for their clients with exceptionalities, training community teachers to effectively teach their special needs students with compassion and understanding, and conducting research on best practices in special music education that can be shared with the wider music education community. 

Our focus is on meeting the needs of our community. We aim to be responsive to our families and community organizations to develop our programs. This has led to the development of many programs, including:

-private and group music lessons

-after-school programs

-mini-music camps, March Break, PD day and summer camps at low ratio

-specialized programs for community groups

-in-school workshops

-teacher training workshops

We continue to grow and develop our programs to ensure that we meet the needs that we hear from the community, that our families feel supported, and that our students are able to develop a love of music learning in an environment based on respect of their individuality.




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