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Campaign Ends Oct. 31, 2020

Thank you for supporting our historic Lougheed House Gardens in the Beltline!

Donate a minimum of $5 per month to keep our Gardens healthy through 2020.


Each year 80,000 people visit our three acres of heritage gardens and green space in the Beltline. This summer our Gardens have seen record use by our Beltline neighbours, most of whom have no gardens or yards of their own.

Our House and Gardens are a civic and provincial treasure, and as our House begins to re-open, our Gardens continue to play a major daily role as a unique asset that nurtures our community’s mental and physical health during the COVID crisis and through to resiliency.


Your donation will keep our Gardens healthy so that our Gardens will keep Calgarians healthy during this COVID crisis and for years to come. To date the #LoveLougheedGardens campaign has engaged hundreds of people and raised over $20,000! For that we are truly grateful.


Our Head Gardener, Jane Reksten, and her volunteer team are following CEMA and AHS physical distancing guidelines as they work to keep the Garden’s thousands of plants in good health this year. And we are working with the City of Calgary to ensure that park users follow those same guidelines.

A steep reduction in Lougheed House revenue due to COVID, means that challenges and cutbacks continue to be issues at the House. We are asking you for a small monthly donation so that we can continue to serve our community the best way we can; through our Gardens, a critical service for central Calgary.

A monthly donation is the best way you can show that you #lovelougheedgardens. One time donations can also be made.


The Gardens are in full bloom and our Gardeners now turn their attention to weeding, deadheading, planting bulbs and other planning for next year. Please donate now, so that we emerge a more connected, compassionate and resilient community.

Thank you for your support.

With gratitude, Kirstin Evenden, M.A. Executive Director, Lougheed House

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