Loving Spoonful

Registered Name: Loving Spoonful Kingston

Business Number: 821665312RR0001


Loving Spoonful connects people with good food in Kingston, Ontario & surrounding area.


In Community Kitchens kids, teens, adults, and families learn basic, affordable, healthy cooking and share great meals together. They also come together around good food to address some of life's trickiest issues:  mental health, social inclusion, poverty reduction, community integration.  People with intellectual disabilities learn cooking and Indigenous community members use the kitchen space to work on reclaiming Indigenous languages.

In Schools and School Gardens Over 600 students learn about growing food, community, and cooperation through GROW Project every year. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to watch the upcoming growth of this fantastic hands-on learning program!

Fresh Food Delivery: Every year, Loving Spoonful volunteers reclaim tens of thousands of pounds of healthy, surplus, perishable food.  Over $1.5 million has been picked up from farms, grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets and distributed directly to over 50 agencies that feed our low-income neighbours and others who need good food.  Our innovative Fresh Food Market Stands allow people to take the fresh food they need -- no questions asked!

In Community Gardens, Loving Spoonful convenes the Community Garden Network for the City of Kingston, offering hands-on workshops, funding opportunities, supporting the community gardens to make gardening irresistible.

We're teaching

  • Kids in classrooms and gardens about good food, growing, collaboration and community! 
  • Families, adults and teens in Community Kitchens about cooking easy, affordable, healthy food!

 We're collaborating with

  • Over 150 agencies and community partnerss across the region, bringing good food programming and fresh food to all!
  • Kingston's 38 Community Gardens and 4 Community Orchards, assisting with annual reporting, grants, discounts on mulch and compost, and with establishing new gardens
  • Kingston’s gardeners and farmers who "Grow A Row" for donation to those who need fresh food most.

 We're delivering!

  • Over $1,500,000 of the freshest healthy produce for free to over 50 agencies and 19 Fresh Food Market Stands serving those experiencing hunger in Kingston since we started.  That's the equivalent of over 600,000 healthy meals delivered free from surplus at grocery stores & farms and from donations from those growing extra in their gardens.

What People Are Saying

"Loving Spoonful's experience working with youth ... has allowed them to hone programming to maximize its effectiveness, creating comfortable learning environments and affecting change in youths' food choices and cooking skills. Their approach is always fun, inclusive, participatory and educational."

— Nancy Bondy - SNAP Youth Diversion

"With Loving Spoonful we spend time with nature… in the sun… and there’s never any packaged snacks, we eat it all right from the garden."

— GROW Student

"Loving Spoonful’s fresh food deliveries are AMAZING. As a service provider for clients who live in poverty it is wonderful to be able to offer fresh food. We educate our clients on the various types of produce in the stand and help them with meal ideas."

— Julie Langan - The John Howard Society

"I need you to know how grateful we are for the delicious fruit, veggies, and treats! I tell everyone about Loving Spoonful and I don't think I ever get through sharing without a few tears!"

— Local Food Agency Employee

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