Loving Spoonful

Registered Name: Loving Spoonful Kingston

Business Number: 821665312RR0001

Community Kitchens

The Intent

To teach healthy food skills to families, adults, children and youth

To bring people together around healthy food, changing attitudes and palates, one delicious bite at a time

To use healthy food to achieve other positive outcomes including increased social inclusion, mental health, poverty reduction, community connections and a healthier food system for all.

About Community Kitchen

Loving Spoonful’s Community Kitchens is designed to get people together around good food. Working with adults, families, youth, and children, we offer cooking workshops where we make and share easy, healthy and affordable meals. Through hands-on learning and discussions of food topics, access as we aim to build knowledge, skills, and confidence, enabling participants to make healthy and informed food choices in the kitchen and beyond. Our programs are also a place where people socialize, building community and friendships around food. We also send attendees home with good food, healthy recipes, spices, and/or cookware depending on the program.  That sets them up for cooking and sharing with neighbours, family and friends. 

What People Are Saying

“After taking part in this program I feel confident to start cooking for myself at home again. Thank you!”

"My brother didn’t like cooking until we came here!"

"I made that tomato sauce from scratch all by myself, I'm so proud!" -Let's Start Cooking Participant

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