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Lower Mainland Humane Society

Registered Name: Lower Mainland Humane Society

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Spike's Surgery Fund

Campaign Ended July 15, 2018

Spike is a 4 month old Chinese Crested cross. Not only is he sweet as pie, but he is also completely deaf! To top things off, little Spike was surrendered with a 6-week old shoulder injury that now requires orthopedic surgery.

Spike will need a Glenoid Excision (or Glenoidectomy) which involves cutting off the top of the bone on his front leg (the "ball" of his shoulder joint); with the scar tissue that develops, a pseudo-joint is formed and Spike can go on with life fully functional and pain-free.

The estimate for Spike's Surgery is $3,660 plus he will require rehabilitation afterwards, at a cost of $630. We have set our fundraising goal at $5,000, in case of any unforeseen costs, and for any possible training aids he will need. Any funds left over will be used to help other dogs currently in care. 

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