Registered Name: LUKE 15 HOUSE

Business Number: 890636178RR0001

Our Mission

Luke 15 House is a non-profit organization made up of concerned Christians assisting those who have been in trouble with the law. We provide a supportive community that encourages growth in spiritual values and self-worth.

Founded in 1992 in Burnaby and relocated to Surrey in 2005, this house provides the environment, support, and supervision to assist in the men's transistion back into a normal life in society.

Luke 15 House is overseen by a volunteer staff, Luke 15 House's executive director Nigel Vincent and his assistants. Other Christian men are also active in mentoring the men of Luke 15 House.


The Gospel of Luke chapter 15 represents our ministry of inviting the lost… to find that they are beloved sons of God… and we celebrate their healing and growth.

The basic philosophy at Luke 15 House is that all individuals are, and can learn to be, ultimately responsible for their own lives and their own decisions. To this end, the program facilitates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of residents so that they can become integrated into society as healthy, contributing citizens.

Our program is rooted in Christian restorative justice principles. Through Christian witness, learning gospel values by residing and participating in a Christian community, experiencing the healing effects of the 12 Step principles as a guide to daily living, personal spiritual growth, and the acquisition of new life skills, our residents gradually develop the stability necessary to attain and sustain a sober and productive lifestyle.

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