Lush Valley Food Action Society

Registered Name: Lush Valley Food Action Society

Business Number: 866653637RR0001

At LUSH Valley, we love good food, and see it as a transformative way to connect, empower and inspire people.  By supporting people to access, grow, process, prepare and eat good food, together we improve lives.


A region where healthy, local food is at the heart of community well-being


To increase food security in the Comox Valley through education, action and advocacy

LUSH Valley is a nonprofit organization focusing on food security. We support projects that educate and empower people in the Comox Valley. We work to provide people with skills that enable them to choose, grow, and prepare healthy food. 

LUSH is an Island Health Food Security Hub and we work closely with other organizations across Vancouver Island and BC.

What People Are Saying

""I'm very happy we have LUSH Valley here in Courtenay and the coordinator this year (James) was great." "Overall, a great experience, I have attended a couple of workshops, we glean as a family, and we hope to help with the gardens next spring/summer.""

— Program Participants

"I think the Fruit Tree Program is an awesome effort to reach those who need a hand up to improve the quality of their diets. I was able to supply fruit to families with children, single parents and elders all on assistance or low income. Thank you, the community appreciates the fruit"

— Barb, a Komoks First Nation Elder

"The garden has been a gift to some one like me that has no other access to grow food and flowers. This garden keeps me healthy, connected and fed. This year has been fantastic! "

— Biggie - a long time gardener at Share the Harvest Community Garden

""You are a highly valued and great community organization!" "Very excellent program I'm glad to see the collection and distribution of all the fruit we have in the valley." "I love how it continues to expand into new areas. I totally enjoyed working on some of the farms this past summer.""

— Program Participants

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