Macedonian Film Festival

Registered Name: Macedonian Film Festival

Business Number: 832380810RR0001

The purpose and goal of the Macedonian Film Festival is to broaden the awareness of all Canadians to Macedonian talent and culture as well as focus attention on contemporary and historical issues facing the Macedonian Diaspora.

The Macedonian Film Festival is the primary venue in Canada for presenting films by Macedonian directors, writers and producers from around the world. The Macedonian Film Festival is an event like no other in North America, bringing together Macedonians and the Canadian community to be enlightened, educated and entertained by what Macedonia has to offer on the socio-cultural global landscape.

The Festival also features films with a Macedonian theme by filmmakers, regardless of their ethnic background. We want to create and encourage dialogue, reflect the Macedonian conscience and complex identity as well as promote our unique Macedonian culture.

**Special Event**

*Toronto Book Launch of Macedonia: Recipes from the Balkans (Click below)

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