Made by Momma

Registered Name: Made by Momma

Business Number: 827110008RR0001

Our Mission

Made by Momma was founded on the belief that women helping women is one of the best and strongest support systems that has ever existed.

Our mission is to provide wholesome nourishment and nurturing care to mothers and young children experiencing situations of adversity or times of crisis.

We began as a small group of women with big ideas to help make the lives of struggling moms in our community a little bit easier with some healthy meals, baby essentials and a helping hand. Those big ideas have now grown into a large network of over 500 volunteers providing meals, baking, baby and children’s clothing, diapers, other household necessities, as well as a friendly ear to listen to and support struggling families.

Made by Momma provides services to women & families who are affected by situations of adversity or in times of crisis, including, but not limited to:

• mothers struggling through postpartum depression

• families affected by cancer or other life-threatening illnesses

• families whose children have severe childhood illness or special needs

• the hospitalization of a child or parent

• mothers and children who have left a situation of abuse

• families transitioning from a homeless shelter

• loss of home due to fire or flood

• new immigrants to Calgary/Canada

• loss of job and families struggling financially

• birth of multiple babies

• pregnant and parenting teen mothers

• supporting single mothers attending school

• parents with children who are struggling after the death of their spouse

As a volunteer-run charity donated dollars are very effective at helping families directly - purchasing ingredients to prepare meals, packaging for freezing meals/baking, purchasing baby essentials - such as diapers, wipes, formula etc.

Our operating costs are kept very low with rent on our Volunteer Resource Centre & Insurance being our two main expenses.

Thank you for supporting our charity. With your help we can make an impact!

About Made by Momma

We felt a strong need to “pay it forward” and Made by Momma was conceived. A warm batch of muffins, a hot meal, a box of kid's books or a friendly ear to listen may not change the world...However, through wholesome nourishment and nurturing care, we hope to make the lives of our fellow mommas a little easier!

We provide services for mothers of young children (at least one child in the home age 5 or younger) affected by short-term or life-changing illness, injury or adversity. In addition, we offer support to new mothers as they adjust to motherhood and bond with their new baby.

The number of mothers that we are able to assist depends on the resources available from our volunteer group at any given time. We will do our best to provide assistance to as many mothers and children as possible.

What People Are Saying

"I was hit by the worst tragedy of my life and this group of young mom’s helped me in ways that I will never be able to thank them. I could not have gotten through a really tough part without them. The kids and I are forever grateful!"

— Denise, Read More

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