Made by Momma

Registered Name: Made by Momma

Business Number: 827110008RR0001

COVID-19 Crisis Support

The challenges of COVID-19 have hit Calgary families very hard and those who were already facing a crisis situation have even more adversity in their path. Made by Momma is here to support these families through providing healthy meals, baby essentials like diapers and formula and peer to peer phone support.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but many families in Calgary do not have a village or support system to rely on. When faced with adversity or crisis, such as serious illness, postpartum depression, the birth of multiple children or loss of employment, these families have no one to turn to for help. Made by Momma is there to be that support system - the village - for families with young children.

Families who have lost employment or are cut off from all other sources of support due to self-isolation, are turning to Made by Momma. Made by Momma is facing a large increase in requests for support and with more organizations closing every day, this need continues to rise.

With a loss of all fundraising events due to COVID-19 combined with a tremendous increase in need for services, donations have never been more critical. 100% of all donations received go directly to programs helping families in crisis in the community.